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Release History
Version Date Changes Files
0.3.1 6 Sep 2005
  • Fixed class scope vector typedefs, missing PowerPC intrinsics header, vector initializer syntax for FSF 3.4 [ILi*].
  • Added complex conj function for vec and valarray [ILi*].
  • Improved valarray expression performance: v1 [slice].
  • Improved valarray code generation: CSE, inlining limits, literal terms, array term elements, statarray construction, compiling -faltivec without -maltivec for Apple gcc 4.0.
  • Added refarray class [PBa].
  • Fixed buffer overflow in integral valarrays for SSE2; added optimizations for valarray expressions: v1 >> k and v1 << k for SSE2 [MSh].
  • Fixed accumulate array dispatch, integer constant overflow, literal benchmark test for SSE2; fixed chunking iterator pessimization for gcc 3.3/4 [ILi, RBe].
  • Added makefile for Linux x86 [ILi*].
  • Added support for FSF gcc 3.4 on Cygwin 1.5.
  • Added differently typed valarray construct and assign from terms, valarrays of sized booleans, select with sized booleans [ILi].
  • Fixed unix makefile directory.
  • Added macstlizer conversions: abs, abss, cmpeq, max, min.
  • Improved readme file.
dmg (220K)
tgz (170K)
zip (232K)
0.3 28 Jun 2005
  • Added support for Apple gcc 4.0 on Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Added support for FSF gcc 3.4 on Yellow Dog Linux [MLe*].
  • Improved vec design and performance.
  • Added support for Xcode 2.1 and Universal Binaries (Intel/PowerPC).
  • Added differently typed arguments for vec and valarray functions.
  • Added select function for vec and valarray [JTe].
  • Fixed undefined __bool and test template template parameters for Codewarrior.
  • Added macstlizer script and header; added SSE2 integer shift intrinsics.
  • Improved macstlizer script; added vec <pixel, 8> for Altivec, SSE/SSE2 memory intrinsics.
  • Added binary min and max for valarray [ILi].
  • Fixed vector cast error in template static member functions for Apple gcc 3.3 on Mac OS X 10.3.
  • Added rsqrt function for vec and valarray; added optimizations for valarray expressions: v1 / sqrt (v2) and v1 / sqrt (v2) + v3 [ABr].
  • Fixed missing #include in macstlizer script.
dmg (226K)
tgz (184K)
zip (246K)
0.2.2 28 Mar 2005
  • Fixed error when linking more than 1 object file, template function should be inline [KHe].
  • Added mulhi function for vec and valarray [MSh].
  • Improved valarray expression template and iterator design.
dmg (193K)
tgz (151K)
zip (208K)
0.2.1 14 Feb 2005
  • Fixed member and binary min and max for vec <unsigned short, 4> [PBa].
  • Fixed #include error with own projects [DCh].
  • Added support for Intel ICC 8.1 [ACu].
  • Fixed truncation of signed constants in unsigned parameters [DPi].
  • Added partial support for IBM XLC 6.0.
  • Fixed header access paths and missing functions malloc, free, vm_allocate, vm_copy, vm_deallocate for Codewarrior.
  • Fixed #include <sys/mman.h> error, domain in trigonometric test for VC++. Improved inlining for ICC.
dmg (191K)
tgz (150K)
zip (208K)
0.2 31 Jan 2005
  • Added portable SIMD classes: partial support for MMX/SSE/SSE2/SSE3, standard initialization syntax.
  • Added high-performance transcendental functions: exp, log, sin, cos, tan.
  • Added fused multiply-add optimization for valarrays.
  • Added complex number arithmetic.
  • Added fast integer division and modulus.
  • Added adapters for Core Foundation and Foundation classes for STL.
  • Added memory mapped containers.
  • Updated 400+ VPERM constants.
  • Updated Mach specialized vector.
  • Updated COM server implementation.
  • Updated and added many more unit tests and benchmarks.
  • Changed licensing terms.
  • Now supported on Apple Xcode 1.5 + gcc 3.3, Metrowerks CodeWarrior 9.3 and Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003.
  • … many other fixes and improvements.
dmg (281K)
tgz (143K)
zip (197K)
0.1.5 3 Nov 2003
  • Now builds with Xcode 1.0 [*CBe].
  • Fixed altivec functions not compiling in gcc 3.1: “tree_list not supported by dump_expr” [JLWi].
  • Reduced download size by removing build directories [ASt].
  • Fixed altivec abs ambiguity.
  • Fixed internal valarray #includes.
  • Fixed uninitialized_copy_n not compiling with non-random access iterators.
sit (436K)
tgz (680K)
zip (762K)
0.1.4 29 Sep 2003
  • Added shift member to altivec class.
  • Enabled generated constants only for NDEBUG builds [HBe].
  • Renamed sl to operator<< and sra to operator>>.
  • Fixed 1,021 constants for correctness and efficiency [*HBe].
  • Fixed sqrt not compiling or returning incorrect results for CodeWarrior.
  • Fixed unary functions not inlining (0.1.3).
  • Fixed some binary operators not compiling for altivec boolean types (0.1.3).
  • Fixed namespace of min, max altivec functions.
sit (1.5M)
tgz (1.9M)
zip (2.0M)
0.1.3 25 Sep 2003
  • Now builds with Metrowerks CodeWarrior 9.
  • Now builds with August 2003 gcc 3.3 Updater.
  • Added 65,566 generated Altivec constants, using optimal instruction sequences without memory loads [*HBe].
  • Added all intrinsic Altivec operators.
  • Added unit tests for operators and scalarizers against the builtin types [WTo].
  • Added doxygen comments to most public classes and some internal classes.
  • Added cshift member to altivec class.
  • Added pixel class.
  • Now works correctly as #included system headers:added include guards, fixed internal #lincludes.
  • Simplified term use of template template functors, used explicit enchunking of functors.
  • Removed libstdc++ dependencies: added destroy_n algorithm and identity functor, rewrote uninitialized_copy_n and copy_n, remapped type traits system.
  • Fixed terms including >> and << not compiling.
  • Fixed initial valarray fill not compiling if the type had a non-trivial destructor.
  • Fixed valarray of bool compiling incorrectly if sizeof (bool) != 4.
  • Fixed binder1st/2nd with differing argument types not compiling.
  • Fixed operator- of some term iterators not compiling.
  • Fixed incorrect value for chunked sum of char.
sit (2.2M)
zip (2.7M)
0.1.2 18 Aug 2003
  • Optimized chunked slicing of floats and longs e.g. v1 [slice]: used Altivec permutes, 39% faster.
  • Optimized chunked relational min, max e.g. (v1 == v2).min (): used Altivec predicates, 21% faster.
  • Optimized unchunked bool-valued min, max: 2.44x faster.
  • Now builds correctly with Project Builder 2.1 and December 2002 gcc 3.3 Updater.
  • Refactored entire term hierarchy for easier value type partial specialization.
  • Allocations are now exact instead of rounded up to Altivec alignment; algorithms adjusted to use scalar code on array tails.
  • Fixed bug where element access to a unary term could not compile e.g. sin (v1) [0].
  • Fixed bug where chunked min, max or sum of boolean could not compile.
sit (84K)
zip (96K)
0.1.1 26 Jul 2003
  • Fixed gcc 3.3 compile issues: stricter access control, in-class init of vector constant. [ACu]
sit (72K)
zip (80K)
0.1 9 Jul 2003
  • Initial release.
sit (70K)
zip (78K)

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